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Betty celebrates her 101st birthday with her five generation family!

Only a minority will be able to reach a century of living AND be part of a five
generation family.  But for Betty Charnley, resident at St Annes’ Royal Care Home on York Road, being able to share her
birthday with all of her family will be the icing on the cake come August 20th.
The great-great grandmother will be celebrating in style as the Care Home are throwing a special party in
recognition of her reaching yet another milestone in her life. Members from all the generations are
expected to be there including Betty’s great-great grandchildren; Jessica and Anna.
Born in Liverpool in 1918 her early life consisted of her education alongside dancing before becoming a
seamstress. World War II began and this all changed as she became an ambulance driver where she
met her husband to be, Alf and they went on to wed in 1944.
After the success of the war, Betty made the move from the city to St Annes where she became a
teacher in a local nursery.
Betty has two sons, four grandchildren, five great grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren.

The Lancashire Evening Post and The Gazette also attended the party!

January 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to our first Newsletter Of 2018

We would like to open this New Year newsletter by showing you how much your relatives/friends enjoyed their Christmas at the Royal Care Home.







The residents love their memory place mats.  It was a great idea and the reaction from the residents is amazing.

We would like to thank everyone for their support throughout the festive season.  You helped make it very special.

However a new year is again upon us.  The last year has seen a real transformation for Royal Care Home. Debbie and the team are extremely proud of what they have achieved in such a short time.  We plan to continue to improve the home in 2018. In fact major improvements have already begun. As soon as the festive season was over we began improving the home by investing in a new office for Debbie and the team.  This will allow Debbie to be more accessible to yourselves and her team.  It will also allow Debbie to be more active within the home’s daily activities.  Please feel free to pop in and see Debbie at any time, her door is always open.

Over the next few months we will be looking at improving the lounge area.  Debbie revamped the lower lounge last year.  We aim to complete the top lounge by March.  We will be investing in new chairs and carpets for this lounge.  If anyone knows any businesses we could approach, please inform Debbie or one of the team.

Debbie is again working on booking the home’s activities for the year.  We have already made bookings with Dave Bear, Geoff the accordion man and many more.  We have been very lucky to book live singers again for Christmas and New Year ’s Day.  We also have Fylde YMCA coming in every other Monday to do arm chair exercises, as well as Natalie, our amazing singer who performs for us every Friday. We also have weekly visits from Jan, our hairdresser, and our chiropodist visits every 6 weeks.  Again if anyone knows any entertainers who would like to perform for our residents please let Debbie or one of the team know.

As a team we feel that we have worked extremely hard this past year and the feedback from relatives and visitors has been amazing and motivating. Therefore in 2018 it is our aim this to achieve outstanding with our CQC inspection. In order for us to achieve this we aim to continue improving every aspect of the home. Your opinions are very important to us and help us prioritise what we invest in. In order to receive your feedback and ideas on the home we have enclosed a questionnaire. Please take the time to complete this and return it to is in the SAE.  Your feedback helps us be proactive as a home and a team.


Finally we would like to wish you all a fantastic 2018.


Debbie and the team




















October 2017 Newsletter

October 2017 Newsletter



There has again been a lot of changes happening in the home over the past few months. We have continued to invest money in to the homes environment. More bedrooms have been stripped back to the bones and thanks to the teams ideas and imagination we have been able to design some outstanding, person centred bedrooms.

I am sure you are as delighted as we are to see the improvements that are continually happening within the home. We have noticed that a lot more residents are enjoying sitting in the new lounge area that was created earlier this year. As a home our reputation is growing by the week. We are receiving excellent feedback and recommendations from professionals and relatives. This helps us as a team, as it lifts morale.

Our latest exciting idea is to introduce intergenerational care in to the home. I`m sure many of you watched the documentary called 4 year olds in care home, that was aired last month on TV. As a team, this programme inspired us and we felt we could offer our residents the same kind of interaction. Therefore we contacted Clifton Lodge Nursery, and after explaining our vision to the nursery manager, Lisa who loved the idea.

We began the programme on the 9th October. We have paired 4 children up with 4 residents. The children will visit the home and do activities such as crafts, games, reading or simply just chatting. We will also visit the children at their nursery. Where again stimulating activities will be provided. The programme will last for a 6 week period. As the documentary highlighted. We too are hoping to see improvements in the residents health and well being. And if the first meeting is anything to go by, we are sure we will.

As a home we have also had an exciting new addition to our team. Eric the cat. He is a 3 year old, Ginger cat who is extremely affectionate and loves nothing else but sitting on laps and getting stroked. We decided to invest in a homely cat due to the positive reaction we received from the residents when a wall art picture of a cat was placed within the home. Eric has only been in the home for a short while. However he`s already making the residents smile.

Halloween is almost upon us again.  And as a home we are organising a party day. We are planing to start the party at 2pm on Tuesday 31st October. We have planned entertainment and Alison our cook is preparing a spooky-licious buffet. If you can make it, we would love to see you.

We have had an extremely generous offer from one of our relatives. Tara is offering to donate, to each one of our residents their own personnel mug. The mug will have the residents name on and photos of family and friends.  We think this is a great idea as they can be used as tools to open conversations and reminisce with residents.

If anyone is interested in Taras generous offer. She can be contacted on 01723800121 or email A list of Taras stock as well as Taras personal story, explaining why she began to create dementia items can be found on her website

Finally. As a Christmas gift we would like to purchase each one of our residents a person centred place mat for the dinning table. However in order to provide each resident with a mat we will need your help. We would need 4-6 photographs for each resident. These can be family photos, holiday photos or simply photos of memorable times. As a home we believe that all meal times should be a social event. We feel the place mats will encourage this.

Debbie and the team are already busy planning the homes Christmas festivities. The residents loved the homes activities so much last year we have decided to do something very similar. We will be inviting childrens nurserys and schools in to sing their carols to us. We will have visits from the big man himself and lots of fun and cheer. Debbie will be sending you a list of activities and dates very soon.


In the meantime


THANK YOU for your Continuous support AND…..




March Newsletter



We would firstly like to thank you all for your support with our fundraiser night.  The night was a great success and all who came had fun.  We would like to send a special thank you to the Carousel Hotel, who did us proud.  And also Dave Bear and guests for the entertainment.








As a home, due to your generosity, we have managed to raise almost £2000.  This has allowed us to purchase another 10 tablets for our residents.  And they love them!




Firstly we would like to introduce to you our new Deputy Manager, Barbara Taylor .  Barbara comes to us with a wealth of knowledge in dementia care.   She is a hard working individual and has the same passion as Debbie has for dementia care.  Please stop and and say “Hello”

We have also taken on Alison Cox as our new chef.  Again Alison has worked in the industry for many years and again has a great wealth of knowledge in regards to healthy nutrition for dementia residents.

Rob has taken the new role of the homes Handy man.  This will allow all Debbie’s ideas to become reality


As normal Debbie is being very pro active and has already began to arrange an eggstavaganza over the Easter holidays.  She is hoping to invite the children in again on Thursday 13th April. To perform their Easter show.

The residents are busy making their Easter Bonnets and the home is organising a fun party day on Good Friday.  This is where the residents will show off their creations.  We have also heard on the grape vine that the Easter bunny may be visiting the home with gifts.

Our planned entertainment days

Every 2nd Monday at 2pm we have now arranged for Elite College to come in and do arm chair exercises with all our residents. This has gone down really well and as Im sure you agree is healthy for all who join in.

March 26 (Mothers Day) 1pm Dave Bear will be singing to all our mums.

May 3rd   2pm Dave Bear singing

May 31st  2pm Jeff and his accordion.

April 13 at 2pm  Gateway academy children performing their Easter show

April 14th at 2pm Party day.  Easter bonnet parade and a visit from the Easter Bunny

June 8th at 2pm Dave Bear singing

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our special days.  The more the merrier.

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to our new web page.  On this page you will be able to read about the homes vision, facilities and find out what people say about the care we deliver.  The latest CQC report is also available through the web site.  We are very proud to say that we were rated GOOD on all 5 KLOES.  That’s a huge thank you to the Royals team.

Thank you again for all your support.  We could not improve like we are without you.


Have an eggcellent Easter!!


Debbie and the team

Fundraiser March 2017

The Royal care home, Lytham, St Annes raised around £2000 for technology to be brought into the resident’s lives.

The Carousel Hotel on Blackpool Promenade was the venue for The Royal care home’s fundraiser dinner on the 3rd March 2017.

The night was arranged so the care home could raise money for new iPads to be brought into the home for its residents.

Debbie Parker, manager of the care home has already added many features in the seven months since she began working as the manager. These include the new memory lane dating back to the 1960’s and using YouTube to listen to artists such as Elvis Presley and Pavarotti.

The charity night included a three course meal, raffles, speeches and singers. All the guests who came helped this fantastic cause by donating raffle prizes and money.

Sue Rowe, Hesketh Bank, is the daughter of Irene Brady who is a resident with dementia. Irene has been in The Royal for 18 months and Sue said: “I am really pleased with the care my mum is getting. With the staff, the devotion and that means I can put my mind at rest knowing my mum is being well looked after.”

Debbie gave real life examples during the night of residents who have come on leaps and bounds by using technology in their day to day lives. For example, one of the residents is a big Pavarotti fan who now listens daily to his songs on YouTube. This had such an impact on the residents wellbeing that her GP could not believe the difference in her health.

Director, Mark Fuller helped Debbie plan the fundraiser. He said: “IPad’s will give the residents an opportunity to bring back fond memories no matter how long ago they are. Technology like this will allow us to do that.”

“By the end of the year we want everyone resident in the Royal Care Home to have access, if they want it, to their own personal iPad’.

Prior to the fundraiser, Radio Lancashire visited the Royal care home in Lytham, St Annes and recorded their show live in the building. They talked about how the home was planning to use technology to enlighten the lives of the residents.

During her speech at the fundraiser Debbie said: “With the IPad’s we can reminisce with people, pull their favourite films and songs out. The most important thing is that it helps us to stimulate our residents.

“By coming to the fundraiser, you have made a difference to a resident’s life so thank you all for coming tonight.”

October 2016 Newsletter

August 2016 Newsletter

Our Newsletter August 2016

Firstly, we would like to welcome our new residents to the Royal Care Home:

We wish you all a very happy stay with us.

The home has employed a new member of staff called Kyle Stoffard. Kyle has lots of valuable care home experience, which will help keep standards high throughout the home.

As I am sure you will have probably noticed we have been very busy!

We have now completed the decorating in the first lounge and are proud to say that the memory lane has gone down a treat with our residents. The photographs have helped bring lots of happy memories flooding back. We have also introduced a shop that comes around every week with a whole host of goodies from sweets to toiletries to birthday cards.

Our next venture is going to be improving our bathroom facilities. We intend over the next few weeks to convert the downstairs bathroom into a wet room. We hope that this will make bathing downstairs much easier for the residents.

As a home we feel it is very important for our residents to enjoy themselves at the home. We have therefore arranged for a party day at least once a month. The future dates are:

Friday Sept 16th

Friday Oct 7th

We would love for you to come in and enjoy these days with us.

Debbie, our new manager has helped to take us into the 21st century! All our care records and reports are now computerised. The next of kin (NOK) are welcome to ask a member of staff of staff to show them the new system. We want to make sure that NOK are happy with the care being provided and we want to work with you to make sure every resident gets the best care possible. NOK will therefore be asked to sign resident care plans. If there are any changes to the care plans you will be called and informed and asked to sign the change off.

Could we also ask any relative who has Lasting Power of Attorney or a Court of Protection over a resident to send in a copy of the documents as soon as possible.

Finally, Debbie would like to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU for making her feel so welcome in the home. Debbie has an open door policy and welcomes relatives comments and ideas any time.


Best wishes,


Debbie and the Team