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Date: 05 June 2020

As we start to hope and feel that we are turning a corner of getting into a new normal, and at least starting to slowly be able to meet up with family and friends in a limited and cautious way, we want to update you on where we are with enabling you to visit your loved ones in our home. As we’ve said before we know how important it is to you to be able to visit, and physically see how your loved one is, and we know that many of you are missing this tremendously. Please be reassured that we are working hard to see how we can balance this with the safety of our residents, as well as ensuring our staff are protected as much as possible. We are working on a booking system for us to be able to manage visits effectively when the time comes that you are able to enter the home.   We are conscious that as of this week the Government has opened up slightly and allowing us to visit others in private gardens, although there is no change in guidance for visiting inside care homes. In the meantime, we are looking at how we can have a phased approach that safely enables you to visit if your loved one is living in a home  that has garden access, that doesn’t entail you having to enter the building. Please bear with us as we do the best we can to align with Government Guidelines and also support your needs, and we will, as always, keep you, updated on our plans. Whilst in our everyday lives we may be starting to see the pathway to a new normal, in our home it is still vital that our staff are wearing PPE, following stringent infection control measures, and testing for both residents and staff.  We are pleased to announce that  Royal Care Home does not have any residents or staff showing symptoms, and all tests done have come back Negative.

We are currently following the Department of Health and Social Care regarding access to antibody testing, which I’m sure you will have heard much about in the media. As soon as we have any updates on this we will let you know, but again we believe this is an important element of ensuring that our home is as safe as possible in the future, and enabling our residents to continue to live an enriched life. This period of time has certainly been like no other for all of us, and without wishing to repeat ourselves, we continue to thank you for all your help and support, and lovely messages of kindness that you have shown us, as we have navigated this awful situation. Your messages sent over email  have been amazing and we are constantly humbled by the stories we hear. Please continue to know that we constantly share these with our staff, who have been utterly fantastic in their commitment to delivering the best possible care to your loved ones.   Whilst there is much sadness with the loss of loved ones within the sector, we are very proud to say that we are still COVID free.

We are focused on laying out the new normal for our residents, and staff, and you, and we will be in touch soon with more detail on visiting arrangements. This is a big priority for you, and therefore it is for us. As always please contact us with your queries and concerns, or your gratitude and thanks, and we will continue to do our best to respond as quickly as we can.


Debbie and the team.